Cricket Simulator

Simulate matches for your club so you can continue your Fantasy Cricket league

Cricket Simulator

With a full cricket season unlikely to take place in 2020, clubs regular income streams are being impacted.  With our help you can continue raising funds through your Fantasy Cricket league using simulated rather than real scorecards from our unique Cricket Simulator.

How does it work?

For a one-off fee of just £35 per club’s first XI, and £10 for each additional team, we will provide you with the completed scorecards for your own club’s simulated games each week.

You can commence whenever you are ready, even if the official season would already have started, as we can always catch up.

This is all we need from you:-

    • A list of all your club’s playing members (upto two initials and surname) with each player given a sequence in the club where they rate as both a batsman or bowler – also indicating who the wicket keeper(s) are (downloadable here)
    • Provide a selection of your team(s), either to be used throughout the season or alternatively pick a team each week – you could even have a proper selection meeting and randomly chose which players are unavailable or injured
    • Advise us the batting/bowling order to be used initially, or change on a weekly basis if you wish
    • Provide details of the fixture date (home/away) and the number of overs per side (regrettably we can’t simulate timed games), and out of principle will never simulate games based on The Hundred format.

We will simulate each of your games, over by over, using our One Day Cricket simulator and provide you with the scorecards on a pdf (ideally within 5 days) to allow you to allocate the correct number of Fantasy points etc.  The opposition teams will be created with an appropriate standard of player to play against each of your teams to maintain the integrity of your fantasy league across your club.

If your club would like to get involved, please register your interest and will get in touch with you.